About Us

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About Us 

Allcreditfixing.com specializes in credit repair and strategic credit building and improvement using our singularly developed special techniques to remove negative items on your credit profile, and then building a new positive reflection of a solid credit report.

Our process starts with a complimentary analysis of your credit report.  Every item is scrutinized, analyzed and a specific strategy tailored privately for you is then put into a proposal, together with a cost and timeline.  

The first step is always to remove all erroneous and extra information.  This includes incorrect addresses and any data that has been improperly scraped by the credit agencies.  This Profile Cleanup Process immediately raises your credit score and also helps prevent identity theft.

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“Wow, my credit score went from 450 to 670 in two months. I thought I would be stuck with that score for years and now I’m now shopping for a new car and was able to apply for a new American Express. Thank you guys!!!”

Mark P.

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“I was in a bad spot in my life financially.  Two agencies were reporting items that were never actually my debts, making my scores inconsistent and under 600. Thanks to the team over at All Credit Fixing, all the erroneous items were removed and I was able to get approved for a mortgage.”

Ben K.

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