Credit Score vs. Credit Report

When applying for credit cards, loans, leases and other items which are impacted by your credit, it is sometimes confusing when a credit score is brought up rather than the full credit report. This is because different agencies and entities use different formulas to validate your credit worthiness.

For example when applying for a credit card, a typical credit card company will do a “hard pull” on your credit, meaning they will check your score and based on the number and the information they have on you, as well as your declared income, will grant or deny you credit.

However, when applying for more serious loans, mortgages and other long term credit lines, sometimes a good credit score will not guarantee approval. Many factors weigh on this, but consider the following example: it is possible to have a 720 score, which is considered good, while having all payments on time and no negative items. However the history of the credit profile might not be more than a couple years, and a bank would deem the credit worthiness too risky to grant a mortgage or a long term, low interest loan.

We at AllCreditFixing have a solution to situations even like this, as we can temporarily add you to a credit line with a long history so that it appears on a customers credit history and extends the original profile start date. Please inquire about our credit extension service and adding yourself to one of our long history credit lines to alleviate a situation like this and raise significantly raise your credit score when applying for a serious credit line.

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