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Let us help you today!

Getting started with us takes less than 30 seconds. Just fill out our quick signup form and one of our friendly credit experts will contact you within the hour.

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Get Your Life Back!

We are experts in getting your life back on track, fix your credit so that you can enjoy perks such as free flights and travel. Give us a call today!

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We have experience with all 3 major credit bureaus

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“Wow, my credit score went from 450 to 650 in just a few short months, I’m now shopping for a new car and was able to apply for a new American Express. Thank you guys!!!”



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“I was in a bad spot in my life financially, and thanks to the team at All Credit Fixing, all the negative items on my credit report were removed and I was approved for a mortgage to purchase a new home =).”



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“Excellent work. Very good service, just an hour after I signed up, I got a call and quickly got an explanation of what needs to get done to fix my credit.  A month later my profile is clean and my credit score is above 720. I can definitely recommend allcreditfixing.com.”



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Inquiry Removal

An inquiry on your credit score reflects for two years and lowers the score between 5 and 10 points.  Inquiries are often run by agencies when you least suspect including car rentals and online loan applications.  We can remove ALL inquiries which will not only raise your score but make you much more attractive when applying for credit lines and loans which you actually are interested in acquiring as new creditors will see a clean record.

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Collection Removal

Collections are a nasty stain on your record often creating a negative score of up to 50 points or more.  An even bigger problem with collections which appear on your credit profile is that you may have not realized that you owe the bill, or worse yet you paid it and it still can sit on the profile lowering your score significantly.  We have an exceptional technique for removing collections completely from your record, so not only will you have no negative score but you will have no reason to further worry about collections payments.

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Late Payment Contestation

A typical scenario which lowers scores are late payments on credit cards and loans, which can be marked 30, 60, 90 days late or simply as never paid.  Those can lower your score up to 100 points and stay for up to 7 years. We adeptly contest these markings on your credit profile and work with the credit agencies and the companies who have reported those late payments to change them to being on time or removing the credit line altogether from your credit profile.

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Student Loans

Student Loans often have a negative impact on both your credit profile and your financial situation.  We are able to remove student loans completely from your profile which significantly raises the score, while allowing you the time and flexibility to pay or defer payment of the loan on your terms.

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Bankruptcy Removal

A bankruptcy is the most devastating item on your credit profile which will prevent your credit profile from allowing you access from the most basic needs such as renting cars, applying for credit and buying property.  Bankruptcy stays on the credit profile for 7 years and is designed to let lenders know that you are not a “bankable” candidate. We have unprecedented success in removing all aspects of bankruptcy from credit profiles which results in our clients getting their life back.  This is one of the most difficult situations an individual can face, and we offer a solution that cannot be replicated by removing the bankruptcy completely from the credit profile.

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Credit Building 

Once all the negative items from a credit profile are removed, we specialize in building credit through a strategic consultation of additional credit lines that can be added publicly, and also we provide a singular service of connecting you with our tradeline partners allowing our clients to benefit from our in-house existing credit lines which boost payment history and account age to significantly boost the permanent credit score.

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Credit Building Public Trade Lines

We will give you several simple trade lines to add to your profile which will raise the score significantly by allowing you to make small payments over a select period of time which will raise your score by showing credit agencies a consistent payment schedule, as well as duration of the line.  These are key industry insider secrets which we will utilize to your advantage, knowing exactly which lines to add to your profile which will raise your score immediately.

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Credit Building In-House Trade Lines 

We are the only Credit Repair company which offers the service of building your credit line by adding you to the credit accounts of our in-house partners.  An aged credit line with consistent on time payments is the most impactful item on a credit score and can raise the profile by over 100 points immediately. We connect you with partners who will temporarily add you to their trade lines allowing this to reflect on your credit profile and have the impact of a well maintained credit history appear on your account.  No other indicator on your credit profile will do more to raise the score than this in-house strategy

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Credit Application Analysis 

Through our research we have determined which profiles will be accepted or denied by which credit card companies.  We will help you preliminarily decide which credit cards to apply for BEFORE you are approved or denied based on your profile and our knowledge of the company you are applying with and their standards.  This will save you time and avoid unnecessary credit inquiries which will harm your credit score.

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