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We'll remove inquiries, collections, late payments, student loans, bankruptcies, and more.

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  • “I was in a bad spot in my life financially, and thanks to the team at All Credit Fixing, all the negative items on my credit report were removed and I was approved for a mortgage to purchase a new home.”

    - Aaron S. / Charlotte, NC

  • “Wow, my credit score went from 450 to 650 in just a few short months, I’m now shopping for a new car and was able to apply for a new American Express. Thank you guys!!!”

    - Ben K. / New York, NY

  • “Excellent work. Very good service, just an hour after I signed up, I got a call and quickly got an explanation of what needs to get done to fix my credit. A month later my profile is clean and my credit score is above 720.”

    - Kathrine W. / Miami, FL


Our credit

repair process

First we assess your credit report and create of plan of action. Then we advance to the dispute process and reach out to credit bureaus to remove negative items off your credit report. Lastly, and most importantly, your credit starts building and your life gets back on track.



What negative items can

can we remove?

All of them. Bankruptcies, late payments, any collections, school loans, repossession liens, inquiries, and incorrect addresses

How does it work?

The companies that post negative items on your credit report generally 99% of the time do not have a valid contract with you to do so. We’re able to legally communicate with the bureaus to remove all items which are not fully verifiable, as well as negotiate removals of items even with supporting documents intact using a confidential formula we developed in house.

How long does it take?

The duration of our service is between 1-6 months, depending on you situation and responsiveness to the credit bureaus. Sign up and someone from our team will give a better assessment after analyzing your distinct credit profile.

What's the typical cost?

Removal of collections cost $100-150. Removal or adjustment of late payments are $100 per late. For repossession, student loans, and bankruptcies the fees can be $500 and up depending on seriousness of issue.

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